Family Law and Annulments | Laws and Issues

We have all heard about people getting their marriages annulled but a lot of people do not know what an annulment is or if it could apply to their marriage. In general, an annulment is a legal action that makes a marriage void. It is different from a divorce because a marriage that has been annulled is considered to have never existed. When two people get divorced, all marriage records remain recorded as well as the divorce. Each state has its own specific laws when it comes to getting a marriage annulled. Annulments are normally very rare and are only granted under very unusual circumstances.An annulment can be granted for many reasons. The reason itself is often called an impediment and is why the marriage should not be valid. An impediment can be prohibitory meaning that it was wrong to enter marriage in the first place. These types of impediments include things such as already being married to someone else or marrying your brother or sister. Other reasons for annulment include insanity in relation to consent, not intending to remain faithful when marrying, deceiving one party in order to get consent, being abducted and forced to marry, and many others.

Under family law in some states, an annulment of marriage may be declared void by the superior court. If children have been born or will be born as a result of the marriage, it cannot be annulled. Anyone who enters a marriage that should be by law declared void has the right to file for a petition for annulment. They may also file for a petition for divorce as long as grounds exist. Service, jurisdiction, procedure, and pleading are the same as when obtaining a divorce. If annulment is granted, both parties will return to their status prior to the marriage and the marriage is considered void.A court must decide to annul a marriage and make it legally invalid. Some people seek annulment through a religious court. Even if a religious court annuls the marriage, it is only legal if annulled through a court of law. Civil annulments can be granted for things such as incest, fraud, bigamy, and active substance abuse. They cannot be granted just because you are not getting along, dislike one another, or been wronged in a way that would normally qualify for a divorce.

Civil annulments are simpler than a divorce and they remove the legal foundation for the marriage. Division of assets is not an issue and each party keeps what was originally theirs. Certain state laws that pertain to things such as the two parties living together may change the court’s ruling. Even though the laws are different in each country and state, the petition must commonly be filed before two years of the marriage have passed.Family law attorneys can help you with questions you have in determining if your marriage can be annulled. By consulting with an attorney about family law and annulment requirements you can decide if annulment is an option for you. They can then help you get the process started by filing the appropriate paperwork for the annulment.

Should Laws and Policies Aim to Maximize Happiness? | Laws and Issues

Laws and policies are described in many dictionaries and it is possible to find many descriptions and ideas of what is the true purpose of laws and policies. Theodore Roosevelt has said, that “No man is above the law and no man is below it: nor do we ask any man’s permission when we ask him to obey it.” This means that it is an important issue we have to pay attention to. In this essay work I would like to go deeper in my own consciousness to explore my thoughts and feeling and even challenge myself with what others have thought on this subject. It is important to look at many opinions even if they are completely different.The first question to oneself was – what is happiness? Am I happy? And what has made me happy. All these questions, I believe, many people have asked themselves. Meeting people every day also made the author come to another question about happiness. There are people who have a lot of money and they can afford to spend it as it please, going on vacations in the middle of winter and spending these vacations in five star hotels. Many of these people also are art collectors and enthusiastic theatre visitors. But many of these do not enjoy theatre, opera, art or music, making them loses a way of broadening one’s horizons. I have been raised in an environment that does not allow not attending theatre and opera because it makes people more intelligent. You do not always have to be extraordinary smart to be intelligent. And even with little money and interest in it, it is possible. I believe that it is more important than money, but I have been challenged by this idea very often. Even Oscar Wilde has written: “When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is.” And it made me think that maybe living in this kind of idealism that is associated with my youth, could change dramatically once I have different responsibilities. I believe that happiness is one of those fundamental things you cannot just buy. Health is another of these things – people can buy healthcare but not health itself.

Secondly I have to consider what really are laws and policies. Why are they as important to modern people as they are? It is even more important to me because I am partially a law student and even though I know, I will never be a Judge or a Lawyer. I still hold a deep interest in Law and I believe it makes me what I actually am. Laws are somewhat complicated way of regulating society and through that, providing some security to the society they are protecting. Policy is also defined differently in different resources, but the common thing is, that policy is the course of action. The course of action that has to be taken to ensure laws are followed Policies are pursued by almost anyone, starting from the government and ending with firms and even parents have child raising policies. George Bernard Shaw wrote though:” I am afraid we must make the world honest before we can honestly say to our children that honesty is the best policy.” and this statement really means that policy is as important as honesty. And that it is a tool to create healthy and good environment to people.The third point is to think about how these two things – laws and policies and happiness actually can be put together in one sentence. Happiness is an important asset to our lives because it is one of our main goals. Being happy can, however, be many things as noted previously. Laws and policies are somewhat written to both control and ensure the safety and happiness of the society for whom the laws are written an policies carried out. Is appears that laws might not always satisfy. The society has to be controlled on some levels, because otherwise everything would spiral out of control and in a democratic society, laws help to stabilise it. However, as it has been established in science fiction and fantasy literature, you will never be possible to gain anything without giving something of equal value in return. This gain can be mutual and it is if both sides are ready to give something in return. Control on the one side and happiness and security on the other side. There we run into our first problems, though. Even if all laws would be written to ensure happiness, there is no such thing as the same happiness for all people. A law might be good for some but bad for somebody else. For a family of three, it could be good but then again, for a family of six it could not be as helpful.

In conclusion I would like to say that laws and policies hold the society together and should be written to ensure safety and happiness of society as a whole and not of certain individuals. Individual safety and happiness is a very complicated process, almost impossible to maintain by only laws of governments. It is impossible to make everybody happy, unfortunately. Besides, people are greedy and when you offer them something small, they gather their courage and decide they want more and more. Laws and policies are not able to resolve all the problems but they still should be written to ensure and maximize safety and harmony within the society they are written for.